Varsity Baseball Makes Playoffs

Varsity Baseball Makes Playoffs
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The Highlanders varsity baseball team made playoffs after 16 years. The boys placed fourth in the district to clinch their playoff birth. The boys clinched their fourth place spot after a 6 to 3 win over the Ysleta Indians.

The boys will most likely have to play Bowie for their first round of playoffs. The game time and date will be revealed May 2 after the district certification. The boys said that their hard work and dedication helped them make history and put the Highlanders back into the playoffs.

“It was a tough season of district play, but we never gave up on each other and always pushed one another to their highest potential,” junior Sevastyen Hernandez said. Hernandez went on to say how he believes strongly in the talents of his team and their brotherhood.
Many of the players recognize their dedication on the practice field was what made the team succeed this year.

“We trained hard after every loss but even harder after every win. We knew what we wanted since the beginning of the season and we worked to get to this point,” junior Jose Melero said. Melero went on to explain how the team is strong once they get rolling and in order to go far in the playoffs they must hit their rhythm early and stay in stride. The boys are confident in their abilities to go far, but also understand they have to take it a game at a time.

“It’s a game by game situation just like it has been all season. We don’t look ahead or behind, we just focus on what is given in front of us,” senior Marco Sanchez said. Sanchez explained how happy he was that he was on this historical team that put the Highlanders back into the playoffs. Sanchez also said that the team will continue to work harder than ever as he hopes making playoffs was just the beginning of their historical path.

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