Golfer Anthony Villalobos Makes Regionals

Golfer Anthony Villalobos Makes Regionals
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Sophomore Anthony Villalobos, will compete in the regionals this weekend
because he was the only one who qualified from the golf team. The regionals are in Lubbock, Texas.

Many of the golfers share the same reason why they joined golf.

“People need to find an activity that will let them breathe. They should find an activity that will help them get things off their mind. Many people like different things, and those different things can make them feel better with things that are happening. It can act as a stress relief sometimes, or you can just really enjoy the activity” Ceniceros said.

Most of the time, people get inspired to get involved in activities.

“I got inspired by my grandpa because he really loved golf. When I was little they would get me toys from golf and I would enjoy it. One of the toys was and actual golf carrier and it had all the balls and clubs. And it had where you can make it into the hole,” a golfer said.

Hard work is important, but enjoying the hard work a person did matters as well.

“In the end it is all about how hard you tried to accomplish something, but also at the same time the fun you also had counts too,” Ceniceros said.

The coach feels his team this year is going to be outstanding.

“I have a very strong feeling that the golf team is going to be great this year. Everyone has
different inspiration of why they joined and those inspirations will push them to do their very best. They also have me for support when they need it. I feel they are going to do great this year,” Ceniceros said.

By Desiree Sandoval

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