Varsity Softball Looking Ahead

Varsity Softball Looking Ahead
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Varsity softball has three wins and four losses as they lost 15-2 vs the Eastlake Falcons on April 4. The girls next game is April 8 vs Hanks. The girls are in a desperate win need situation in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. The girls have three games remaining in district play. The girls said they hope to make playoffs as they push themselves harder in the practice field these upcoming days. Senior Bryanna Armendariz said she still has faith in the team and knows they can pull it off.
“As long as week keep working, I think we’ll be okay and make it through,” Armendariz said. Armendariz also added how she has to remind everyone to keep the “one game at a time” mentality. Armendariz said she doesn’t want the team to think of the consequences from a possible loss but instead to enjoy every moment here on out until the end of their season. Most of the girls said they are disappointed the way the season went but didn’t use it as an excuse to stop working.
Sophomore Abrielle Delgadillo said there’s still three games left and plenty of time to get better.
“Although our season didn’t go as planned, we’re still working hard and pushing ourselves to our limits,” Delgadillo said. Delgadillo said that the season has been fun with her teammates regardless of the results. Delgadillo went on to say she has became closer with a lot of the girls and is happy with everything they went through this season.
Junior Sabrina Medina said the team looks good. Medina went on to describe how the team is handling everything well and hopefully win the next game.
“We’re training hard and things are coming out our way, we look fine and hopefully everything does come out fine,” Medina said. Medina went on to say with all the hard work and dedication her and the ladies have put in they are not ready for the season to end quite yet.

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