EOC Coming Soon

EOC Coming Soon
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EOC testing is right around the corner. On March 27, English 1 and 2 EOC tests will be administered. Math, Science, and Social Studies EOC tests will happen May 1-15.

EOC testing is a grading system that helps the head of the school board determine who gets to pass on to the next grade level and who needs to stay back for extra help.

“I think there’s more to a student than a standardized test. There’s certain material that can be expressed through a standardized test, but there’s definitely more about a student than just a test,” History teacher Alejandro Vidales said.

Vidales said that he is preparing really hard to get his students ready for the tests.

“The one main goal is when they leave my class they are more knowledgeable about the world and how it relates to history. When they talk to someone from wherever in the world, I want them to have an intellectual conversation with that person,” Vidales said.

A student can find EOC particularly stressful because this one test can determine whether or not you’re passing on to the next grade.

“It makes students stress out and it makes us worry just about school. We’re here in school just to take this dumb test but we should be in school to learn things that will help us in the real world,” freshman Mia Wilkinson said.

Freshman Bailey Muckleroy agrees with Wilkinson on the tests.

“I don’t really think the standardized tests are that important. Personally, they stress me out a lot. We learn a bunch of stuff throughout the year just to take a 50 question test,” Muckleroy said.

Wilkinson and Muckleroy said that all she wants to do is continue on to the next grade.

“My goal actually is just to pass. I don’t care if I barely pass I just want to pass,” Wilkinson said.

By Katelynn Worsham

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