Bel Air Resolutions

Bel Air Resolutions
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A New Year’s Resolution, a tradition where people decide to change an undesired trait or behavior that they have, is done for every new year. It is a promise that a person makes for a new year. The resolutions can be many different things. Most resolutions are changes to bad habits that a person has. An example of this would be to quit smoking. On the other hand, some people decide to make a positive resolution. An example of this would be to start exercising. Sometimes, people fail to succeed with their resolution.

Alejandro Vidales is a world geography teacher who is looking forward to feeling success.

“My resolution is to get healthier and eat healthier foods. Resolutions are a good thing because it gives you goals and it helps you make them for yourselves. You keep them throughout the year and you feel success,” Vidales said.

Many people have similar resolutions, like Vidales and geometry teacher Veronica Sanchez.

“My New Year’s resolution is that I want to eat healthier and lose weight, and I know many people say this. Educational wise, my resolution would be to get my students to learn better this year. Resolutions are great because they make you look forward to something and make you a better person. You set yourself a goal and try to
accomplish it,” Sanchez said.

Anybody can make a resolution, they do not have to be a certain age.

“My New Year’s Resolution is to get a better grade in all my classes. I believe that New Year resolutions are good because they give you goals and might make you try harder each year,” freshman Bailey Muckleroy said.

The tradition started was because of a mythical god of Rome named Janus, which is named after January. Janus was said to have two faces. One of his faces looked back into the past. His second face was able to look into the future. The Romans looked at this in a way where he saw into the old year and looked forward into a new year. They saw this as a symbol. The Romans decided to forgive troubles in the past and make resolutions for the new coming year. They thought that Janus would bless them for the new year if they would give gifts and make promises for the new year.

Some resolutions can be very deep.

“My New Year’s resolution is to be a better person than last year. Last year I was rude to most people I thought had no emotion, but I realized some people are sensitive. I chose to be a lot nicer so that I wouldn’t hurt their feelings. It is good to treat others the way you want to be treated,” freshman Cynthia Montes said.

By Desiree Sandoval

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