JV Girls Basketball Remain Undefeated

JV Girls Basketball Remain Undefeated
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The JV girls basketball team has been so far undefeated in district. They last played Hanks and they had a win with a score of 31-26 in overtime.

The JV team is run by coach Manny Piñon. He plans to get the girls ready to play varsity and have them win district.

They practice at 6 a.m. They added a new coach to the staff, coach Richard Thomas. Coach Piñon said that they have stayed consistent in winning because on the team they stress being a family, and that goes a long way.

“The three most important things in basketball are defense, defense, and defense,” coach Piñon said.

The girls on team, like Alexandra Duran, believe that being on a team is being able to depend on other people. Keeping a winning streak means to them that they work as a team, stay focused, and play smart on the court.

Duran,who plays guard, said that she goes by “never giving up” to keep the team up and herself.

The team also stated they learned to set aside each other’s differences to really work as a team. They want to bring out the best in one another, and the girls believe that learning to work in a team will help them in the future.

Sophomore post guard Renee Haslett said they “benefit from the early morning practice where they are taught discipline, creates responsibility, and helps the team bond.” Haslett also said that, “being focused is key; comforting each other and keeping one another mentally strong during a game, which is part of teamwork.” Haslett said, “trust keeps us together and learning to stay close even when people will try to pull us apart.”

“With God all things are possible and he will always give you the power to go through all your hardships,”Haslett, said that this is what she goes by. Before each game she says this to say inspired: “be your best self.”

The team has been very successful with their two captains leading them, Yasmin Armendariz and Vanessa Hernandez. Armendariz was the leading scorer of the game against Hanks, she scored 19 points.

Armendariz said that she goes by a quote by Jim Ryan: “Motivation is what gets you started, and habit is what keeps you going.”

By Cristine Torres

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